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Imagine Having A Personal Genie That Makes All Your Dreams Come True

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The law of attraction is like a magical genie that grants your every wish.

Have you watched The Secret Movie or read The Secret Book ?

If so, then you already know the power of the magical genie....  but I bet you still don't know how to harness it's awesome power.

In fact, I bet you are thinking:

"Why hasn't the law of attraction worked for me?"

"What's The Catch?"  

The catch is that YOU do not know how to speak the genie's language.  You are constantly sending him mixed signals.  One moment you you tell him you want to be rich and the next moment you are telling him that you detest money and therefore do not want to be rich.

The genie does not speak English, Spanish or any other spoken language.  He has his own language.  In fact, his language is your native language too, but you have forgotten how to use it.

When you were a child you were able to "think" long before you were taught to speak English.  You used images and feelings to represent the world around you. 

It is a very easy language to use, once you remember it.

"How Do I Do That?" you ask.

Have you ever felt angry without telling anyone?  Sure you have.   You did not need to use the words "I am angry".  You knew that you were angry because you could feel it coursing through your body.

Have you ever seen someone and knew that they were angry without them having to verbally say "I am angry" to you?  Of course you have!  You picked up on their "vibe" and their body language.

That's the language that the law of attraction uses and that is how you tell the magical genie what you desire.

Once You Discover How Easy This Is,
You'll Be Living The Life Of Your Dreams

Download The Law of Attraction Book

John Derrick - Teacher Of The Law Of Attraction


My name is John Derrick. You may know me from my name-sake web site, where I have helped thousands of people improve their lives.  Or perhaps you have heard me as a guest speaker on a radio show or podcast.

I have been using this hidden power long before the term "law of attraction" was created.  In fact, I use to call it "bending reality", which is exactly what you will do when you use the Law of Attraction to create the world around you.

I want everyone to benefit from the Law of Attraction.

I want you to live the life of your dreams.

That is why I am pulling the curtain back to reveal the shocking truth behind the law of attraction.

You can make the law of attraction work for you starting today!

You are probably wondering how much this incredible information is going to cost you right? 

How can you put a price on something this important... so valuable that it has the power to completely turn your life around. 

The power to make you rich...  the power to cure dis-ease. 

The power to find love and happiness....

The power to attract the life of your dreams!

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